• 2021å¹´11月28日

    🚶‍♂️Giving directions🚶‍♂️

    Today, we practiced giving directions. First, the students had to travel from 1 location to the next using vocabulary such as turn right, turn left, go back and go straight. We used a map that was projected on the wall.
    After, we tried an activity where the teacher would cover his eyes, and the students had to guide the teacher to the end. All the students could do it successfully but after some time, they wanted to make the teacher go the wrong way. It was very funny and an enjoyable lesson for the students and the teachers.

    デイビッド先生とジャーウィン先生に、”turn right, turn left, go back and go straight”などの方向を示す英語表現を学んで、実際に地図を見ながらその表現の使い方を練習しました!


    みんな英語で”Turn right!” “Stop there!””Go straight!”など、的確に道案内を英語でしてあげることができていました❣️



    We had a good day today!

    Well done everyone !!